Pregnant and finding it difficult to sleep? Finding no space to sleep as you need to strategically place five pillows for the support to finally get a good night’s sleep? Well, why not buy the Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow, a pillow that easily compensates for five pillows!

Yes, the Snoogle body pillow can indeed do this as it’s uniquely designed to match the natural contour of your body from head to toe. You can easily sleep in various positions to get a good night’s sleep.

Features and Advantages

The Snoogle Chic gives a smooth and soft feeling when you sleep as it’s made of 40% polyester and 60% cotton. These materials never wear out no matter how much you use the pillow. And as it’s breathable and versatile in function, you will never feel uncomfortable using it.

The pillow is so light; it can be easily carried with you anywhere you want. Even if you have a small bed, you can use the pillow on a carpeted floor to reap its support and benefits.

The pillow is flexible to use as you require while sleeping and its zipper provides for easy removal to wash as required.

If you look at its size, it’s large enough to cover your entire body without your having to change the pillow’s or your sleeping position at night. All this is because of the Snoogle Chic’s unique C-shaped design which supports your entire body and reduces pain in various parts of the body.

While the upper end of the pillow supports your neck and head, the lower part covers your entire back to reduce backache and make you comfortable. The lower end has a slight curve which can be easily fixed in between your legs to give you the support you need.


The only disadvantages of the pillow are its large in size wherein it may not suit smaller beds. If you prefer firm pillows then you may not feel comfortable on the Snoogle Chic as it’s not as firm as other pillows.

Who should buy?

It’s obvious the pillow is perfect for pregnant women as it gives you the required support for an uninterrupted sleep in pregnancy. The pillow can also be used for feeding your baby after your delivery. Even women and men with neck and back pain will benefit from the support offered.

As proper support and sleep is important during pregnancy for the proper regulation of nutrients, it’s definitely worth investing in the Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow!