While the Ecobee3 was introduced in the year 2014, the Ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi thermostat is a second generation thermostat. There’s nothing much special about its looks, but still looks great on your wall. It’s a black square with rounded corners and a 3.5” LED display, and has a remote sensor which is a smaller white square with rounded corners.

Detects motion and temperature

Unlike most other smart thermostats which only read temperatures in a single room, the Ecobee3 Smarter’s remote sensor can measure the temperature of rooms you frequent. The Ecobee3 has an advanced thermostat which senses when you leave the room and makes the required adjustments to keep your home comfortable.

While the basic kit comes with only one sensor, you can buy additional ones. The sensors can be either placed on a stand or hung on the wall using a sticky pad or screw. As they run on batteries, they are portable and easy to use as needed.

Easy to use

The Ecobee3’s UI design with both the app and website are easy to use. Once you get used to it and you can easily make adjustments through its website. Moreover, the wall unit is easy to use as its settings; schedules, smart controls and iconography are easily accessed and adjusted.

Saves energy

The Ecobee3 sensors keeps checking for activity in the house and if it senses you are away or are scheduled to return, it automatically changes your schedule to save energy and maintains comfortable temperatures all the time. All thanks to its built-in DataRhythm technology.

It also senses if you have a ventilator or fan at home and uses outdoor air to cool your home in cool summer evenings and saves energy. If there’s a humidifier at home, it regulates the humidity levels to prevent high indoor humidity and buildup of frost on windows in winter.

Tricky installation

The Ecobee3 uses the ‘C’ wire to power itself. The absence of a C wire makes it’s installation rather tricky for some people. A self-installation however usually takes no more than 45 minutes and once on the wall, using it is a breeze.


The Ecobee3 watches your equipment and sends an alert if your HVAC system has problems. It also reminds you about the unit’s servicing schedule.


  • Smart enough to adjust your home’s temperature based on the outdoor weather and your home’s energy profile
  • Its motion sensors sense when you are home and away to automatically adjust temperatures and save money.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity lets you adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere using any device
  • Detailed usage reports disclose your energy consumption so that you can adjust usage
  • Its special power extender kit eliminates the need of any C-wire
  • The Ecobee3 is protected by a 3-year warranty


  • Some find it difficult installing the unit as it has no C-wire
  • A slider adjusts temperature, making it challenging and frustrating to change temperatures